Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Homemade gifts are a popular topic this year. While do-it-yourself baked goods and gift baskets are great, I really like these creative tips from readers. They would be well received by most anyone. They're fairly cheap, too.

Photo Gift Idea #1: Grab your camera and look for letters of the alphabet in nature or around your neighborhood: a tree branch shaped like a Y, a letter from a stop sign, etc. Then spell out the names of the people you want to give a gift to and frame it. -- Ann, Florida

Photo Gift Idea #2:Take pictures of scenery or people in the family, or scan older pictures and print them on transparency sheets in sepia. Put them in clear acrylic, free-standing frames, and put a tea light behind them. Don't leave unattended. -- Denise, Illinois

Tipsy Garden Gift:Give a six-foot-long rebar and four clay pots. Have the smallest pot be eight inches. Attach directions: Hammer the rebar about one foot into the ground or until it's solid. String the largest pot onto the bar through the drainage hole. It will be sitting upright on the ground with the bar through it. Fill it with soil. Thread the remaining four pots. The second pot will rest on the first pot's soil at a slight angle, leaning either left or right. Alternate the three remaining pots by leaning each one opposite the other side to side. The base of each tilted pot should touch the previous pot's rim -- like a zigzag. Fill the rest of the pots with soil, and add flowers. You'll like it so much that you'll make one for yourself. -- Melissa E., Colorado

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