Monday, August 2, 2010


The birth flower for August is both delicate and grand. The flower is the Gladiolus, and it symbolizes deep sincerity and strength of character.

As a traditional gift for anyone born in August, the Gladiolus is more than just a flower. It is also steeped in myths and legend.
For one, the act of assigning specific flowers to birth months is said to have originated from the Roman Empire. It was a common practice back then to give flowers as gifts during birthday celebrations, carried by friends and family members who also brought wishes of congratulations and good fortune.
But, the current meaning of the Gladiolus flower didn't come about until the Victorian era. That was when the "language of flowers" really took shape, largely because Victorian-era rules of etiquette restricted individuals from expressing any kind of feeling related to love or affection.
So, along with being deemed a flower that symbolizes sincerity and strength of character, the Gladiolus also came to mean "love at first sight."
The colors of the Gladiolus flower include red, white, pink, yellow, and orange. The Gladiolus is native to the tropical regions of South Africa. It has long, sword-shaped leaves that stem from its base. The flower stalk of the Gladiolus contains an extended row of trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers, all of which face in one direction.
The Gladiolus is also known as the Sword Lily. The name Gladiolus actually stems from the Latin word gladius, which is a sword. The Gladiolus is a perennial herb and grows best in temperate climates.

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