Sunday, March 28, 2010


Palm Sunday is when Christians celebrate the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week that concludes on Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday is often referred to as Passion Sunday. The Bible states that when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, the crowds greeted him by both waving palm branches and laying them on his path. Immediately following His arrival into Jerusalem, Christ began the journey to the cross.

Churches hand out palms on Palm Sunday as a symbol of the celebration of Christ's arrival into Jerusalem, and to begin the observances of Holy Week.


  1. As part of our celebration this day, we handed out palm fronds at church.

  2. This is the first Palm Sunday in forever that I couldn't make it to church. I really missed it. As a child growing up Catholic, we used to bring our palm leaves home and put them behind the pictures hanging on the living room wall so we could look at them all year long in remembrance. Have a great Sunday evening, Colleen!


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