Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Save money by buying generic

No matter where we shop, many of us comparison shop for the best price.

But as we scoured the shelves and spoke with shoppers, we learned even the frugal won't buy generic all the time. So when should you ditch namebrands and go generic? First, consider over the counter medicines!

Read your labels...200 milligrams of ibuprofen equals 200 milligrams of ibuprofen... regardless of brand. So in on example, you can pay nine-dollars for 100 tablets of Advil, or just four dollars for a store brand. In fact, you'll see the same is true for Tylenol, Ny-quil and Afrin. Buying the store brands at this store for all four products saves you 15-dollars!

Next... buy generic fruits and veggies.

Pay attention to the quantity, but buying this store's brand of carrots saves you more than a dollar a bag. The same goes for cans of mandarin oranges, peaches and green beans. Buy the cheapest of these items at this store and you'll save more than 3-dollars!

Another hot savings section....organic foods!

Whole Foods heralds hundreds of name brands, and just one generic, its store brand 365. But all these products go through the same third party process to be certified organic. Buying store brands for just these four items will save you almost 10-dollars!

Throw in cooking oil, flour and evaporated milk... if you buy right.. these items will save you four-fifty.

Next up...simple beauty products.
Nail polish remover, body wash, dandruff shampoo, eye make-up remover all come generic. Reaching for the Target brand--"Up and Up"... saves you 8-dollars! But despite saving almost 40-dollars on just the items in this story-- not everyone is ready to bite!

But if you look closely and read the fine print... you'll find stocking your cart with a few store brands.... will not only keep your body happy... but your wallet too!

Have a good day and Happy Shopping.

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