Friday, July 3, 2009

Be Careful with those FIREWORKS!!!!

When it comes to fireworks everyone has a favorite.And with all the options it's not suprising American's spend millions each year on fireworks. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireworks can cause serious injury, even death when mishandled.
"You never know what's going to happen when you light that fuse." said father of 3 Johnny Rich. Rich bought fireworks Monday with his son. He said he teaches children fireworks safety each year. "Stay back and let me hanlde it and don't get too close." said Rich.
The most dangerous firework for children under the age of 5 is the simple sparkler. "The problem with sparklers is they burn over 1,200 degrees and will in fact cause third degree burns." said Chief Officer Bill French with the Tulsa Fire Department. Compare this temperature with the fact that glass melts at 900 degrees and wood burns at 575 degrees. A sparkler will melt clothing and burn skin instantly.
Officer French says to always shoot fireworks at least 25 feet away from any structure. According to recent studies, fireworks are the number one cause of serious eye injuries.
Last 4th of July EMSA responded to 3 calls related to this in Tulsa.

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  1. i like watching the big firework display, but i don't buy personal fireworks. don't like them. you have a safe and happy 4th also.


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