Friday, May 8, 2009

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

We come in all...
Some of us are Army-strong, others of us are in the Air Force-blue, there are a few proud Marines, a wealth of Navy and the ever-vigilant Coast Guard.
We love our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coasties. Most of us don't wear the uniform but all of us swoon (deeper than a civilian can understand) when we see the uniform.We keep the home-fire lit and our babies at bay. We manage the home-front with grace and ease mixed with a few fumbles and a bit of heartache. We may not be "issued" but we are chosen!We depend on friends, mentors, networks and far away family to get us through the tough times.We use strength to carry us. Distance to mold us. Tears to soften us. Laughter to brighten us. Perseverance to humble us.
To all the military-spouses I wish you a Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! (Friday, May 8th) It is a proclamation from a president in years past. It is a the wish for a day full of cheer. It is a hope that although your burdens are heavy, that your future will be bright.-
Leanne from


  1. I praise God for your loving, respectful heart for the military. Our troops and vets deserve to be recognized and remembered for all they have done. Bless you Colleen!


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