Thursday, May 28, 2009


If someone were to ask you, "Are you blessed?" you might begin to list your material belongings. Or perhaps you would first think of your family and friends. But what if you're lonely, or don't own a whole lot? Might you still have blessedness in your life?

Often the word "blessed" carries a spiritual connotation, as though the blessed person lives a righteous life or has a special touch from God. Mother Theresa comes to mind.
Oddly, it seems to make a difference whether the word is pronounced with one or two syllables! "Blessed" with one syllable usually means you have the material things you need. "Bless-ed" with two syllables often refers to a deity or someone who is extremely honorable or sacrificing.

Perhaps the difference is found in whether or not we are blessed and appreciated by others for our service and sacrifice. Either way, blessedness is not outside our own realm of possibilities. When we bless others, we will find ourselves blessed. To bless is basically, what we do to uplift someone else and make her happy. Even saying "Thank you" can bless another.

Allowing moments of blessedness into your life brings calming and healing. Realizing the extent of your blessedness as you enumerate the things you are thankful for is also essential for your well-being. Failure to do this results in a hard little selfish spirit. When you live with an attitude of thankfulness, you become filled with joy and your heart becomes open to blessedness and contentment.

You don't have to be a saint to find blessedness in your life. Think about your own blessedness today and write it in your Joyful Journal.

What are five things you’ve never acknowledged before as a blessing in your life? For instance, are you thankful for your postal office's consistent delivery service in your town?

Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ
Weekly Writes author


  1. I've too many to cite. I'm indeed been blessed all of my life. Even during the very bad times.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

  2. Sandee and Denise, Keep the good Blessings flowing... Thanks for stopping by. Love to see your smiling faces....
    much love,


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