Thursday, April 2, 2009



Suicide is not a solution,
Suicide is an end...
Before the solution is found.

Why would a person do such a horrible thing? He had pain pills that he could have taken and just gone to sleep instead of going in such a way for someone who loved him to find him in this terrible state.

Was it his illness that he could no longer face? Could it be everyday problems that were no longer were bearable? Was he still grieving over his Mother’s death, 6 years ago? Were there things in his past that still hurt him or was he feeling guilty over the pain he had caused in others lives. Was it the Past he could no longer live with or was it the future that he did not want to face.

His life had not gone the way he had hoped; Oh the opportunities were there for him but somehow never worked the way he thought they should. Some paths were just downright wrong and others just…well… just did not work out.

It all became a Jumble. There was no way to straighten it out… It was too much confusion… it was just too much for him to bear any longer.

Therefore, without any good byes, he took the gun to his head and shot himself to death. Leaving behind the “Whys” for others to always wonder about.

Colleen Couvillon Gough
April 2009


  1. The whys are always the same. Conjecture is all you can do. You will never know. I've wondered all these things too. Heartbreaking.

    Biggest hugs ever honey. :)

  2. unfortunaly this is a thing of self haterd.
    I know I have been on that road before,but for some reason the overdoses did not work,I now know that it is a perminate solution for a tempory problem.


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