Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review of How to Start a Review Blog for Fun and Profit

by JoAnne Westcott and Nicole Dean

Over and over again people start a home-based business looking for quick riches and profits. Their expectations fall short because they failed to get the right advice, and they were expecting too much, too soon. It’s important that when starting a business you get real about what you’re doing and have practical goals.

That’s why I love the advice offered over at Just Add through their easy to follow eGuides. One such guide is the ‘How to Start a Review Blog for Fun and Profit’. They don’t promote get rich quick but what they do provide is a clear plan of action. Then all you need to do is add the sweat (or work!).
The guide has everything in it to get someone started on building and promoting a review blog that gets people interested and willing to buy.
The creators of the guides, JoAnne and Nicole, are successful business owners who were sick of the hype and poor-quality business advice out there so they decided to create these guides.
What’s included:· Ideas for types of review blogs to start.· Definition of a blog.· How to set up and use your blog.· How you can make money blogging.· How to choose your market.· What to blog about.· How to get traffic to your blog and make money.
One thing that’s great about this guide is the step by step instructions, audio and videos that guide you through setting up your first blog. As you’re reading through you can have your first blog set up in a very short period of time by following what’s been laid out for you. There are audio and video portions to go with these blog setup instructions too, so you learn by your preferred method.
One thing I would really like to see is more information on writing a good review. Someone who’s really interested in starting this type of blog but is unsure of how to write a good review would really benefit from a guide on how to make that review sound fantastic.
In the appendix section there is a list that includes everything you need for setting up your business and blog, which is great for people just starting out as well.
There is real value in this product and for one great price you get a 34-page eGuide, a SweatStory Success interview, audio blog tips, bonus Time Management Guide and a 2007 Blogging Calendar.
People are ALWAYS shopping online so I’m sure you can see the value of providing them with good reviews and information on where to purchase, all while you make a little profit from your recommendations!
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  1. As with everything in life you need a good foundation to build on. Sounds like this is what the doctor ordered. I wish you great success.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)


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