Friday, April 24, 2009


This was a busy week. One book read and reviewed … 3 days of teaching… 2 more books arrived and are waiting on the table for my reading and reviewing. I also have a couple of articles I need to get the fire going under them.

On the personal side, My Darling Daddy went home from the hospital on Thursday. As some may recall, he had fallen and broken his hip. They put pins in it and did not have to replace but he had to stay in for some PT for a couple of weeks. While there, it was confirmed that he has Parkinson’s disease, so he had to go though PT for that also. He and my Mother will have quite a life change now. Daddy will be 82 on May 7 and Mother is 79, so outside help will be coming in even though Mother says she can do it…. Bless her…She would not leave him alone at hospital, she stayed all the time. It is hard living 9 hours away from them, but my Brother and Sister know I will come when needed, but they know I have my restrictions also.

Everyone have a beautiful weekend. I will be busy reading.

Keep Smiling and Make a Difference…



  1. Sounds like you had a busy week indeed. May you enjoy your reading.
    I will be praying for your parents.
    Love the cute pic as well. It really looks like little kitty is actually reading. Put a smile on my face!!! Hugs, love and blessings to you Colleen.

  2. My dad had Parkinson's too. It worked very slow on him. He's long gone, but I remember him hating the limitations of the disease.

    Try to get some rest after this very busy week.

    Have a terrific day and weekend honey. Big hug. :)

  3. Things can be very tough on the care-givers. Thank goodness, more and more people are realizing that and offering assistance and breaks.
    Take care.


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