Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!!

Each year, toward the end of March, Earth and the sun conspire to bring spring to Earth's Northern Hemisphere. The season's specific characteristics vary from region to region. For some, the final frost is months past. For others, it's still months away. Some places become green. Others become greener. The essential elements of the season, however, are universal. In every country, in every city, in every pond and forest and yard, life is beginning again.

"Long ago, Summer, a beautiful woman with long brown hair crowned with flowers and arms filled with blossoms, defeated Winter and used her special power to awaken Earth. The grass grew green and the snow ran down the rivers, carrying away the dead leaves. Old Winter wept to see his power taken away. Summer said, "Now that I have proved I am more powerful than you, I give you all the country to the far north for your own, and there I shall never disturb you. Six months of every year you may reign as before. During the other six months, I will come back from the South and rule the land."
How Glooskap Found the Summer


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