Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make these 2009 online shopping resolutions

(Joe Raedle, Getty Images News)
New Year, new resolutions. For me, I'm starting with some shopping ideals I'll aim to live up to. Since I don't believe in setting standards that are impossible to keep, I'll lay these out more as guidelines than rules.
Here are a few things I'm resolving not to do:
Pay for Shipping: In this age where saving money is the smart and chic thing to do, it only makes sense to shop where the online merchants have free (or at the very least deeply discounted) shipping rates. Check for free shipping coupons from your favorite stores, shop stores with every-day low shipping, such as, or go for the gold with online retailers such as, where free two-way shipping is the norm.
Stroll Without Satisfaction: Sometimes, even the most seasoned Internet shoppers, simply want to get out of the house while flexing their purchasing power. I'm all for that, but what I suggest is ordering online first and then picking up the merchandise in a store. I like that it alleviates the possibility of wandering the aisles only to find that, as Bono hinted at, they still haven't stocked what you're looking for. Try Best Buy, Sears, or Lowes. Bonus: this is a surefire way to avoid any shipping costs.
Buy Blindly: Given the pace of online conversation and information exchange, there seems to be little reason to buy without checking in on what other people are saying. Online reviews, particularly those written by other consumers, can let you know if that teakettle whistle can be heard in the next room or if that smoky salt really adds smoke to a dish. and are two solid sources.
Finally, I vow to never, ever pay top dollar. If, like me, your bottom line is your bottom line, then be sure to check out comparison-shopping engines. That way, you'll be sure that you're getting a fair price with whatever you choose.


  1. I shop online a lot. I still think it's cheaper than traveling to shop. I make sure I'm doing the least in cost delivery method too. I hate shopping so that's probably why I'm an online shopper. Great resolutions though.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. I hope you'll also decide to shop with some handcrafted artisans ... in which case you still may find discounts but they will be smaller. The benefit is supporting someone directly. :)


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