Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Do you ever feel like you need a hug? Hugs are good for you. It is thought that hugs help lower a person's blood pressure. They can also help you if you are sad. A hug from someone you love reminds you that you are special.
You may have some good memories of cuddling with or hugging your parents, grandparents, or even a pet. There is something special about being close to someone you love. You feel safe and appreciated.
Hugs are good to give, as well. Perhaps a friend is sad today. Putting your arm around his or her shoulder can provide comfort. Or, you might consider hugging an elderly person. That can brighten someone's day.
When you hug someone, you are letting that person feel your love, not just hear about it. A hug is understood in many places. It can be used as a greeting, as a way to comfort someone, or a way to say, "I've missed you!"
You'll often see people hugging one another at places like airports. They may be saying "hello" or "goodbye" to someone. You can usually tell if two people in love haven't seen each other in awhile. They are often not embarrassed to run up and give their friend, spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend a big "bear hug" in front of everyone!
Some people do not enjoy hugging or being hugged often. It is important to respect that. You should not feel forced to hug anyone if you don't want to. It should be a meaningful choice on your part. Consider the feelings of others-some are embarrassed to be hugged in public. (Teenagers, for example, may be fine with hugging their parents at home but would turn red to have to do it in front of their friends!)
Your dog or cat may enjoy cuddling with you because they like to be close to their owners. It may depend on the animal's personality, though. Some animals want to choose to cuddle on their terms. Cats can be particularly finicky (fussy, difficult to please) about this. Many dogs are so loyal they are not embarrassed to beg for attention! A cat may choose to jump up onto your lap and stay there for a long time. The same cat may not stay there if you pick her up and make her sit on your lap!
So, as you look around you today, who might need a hug? Your mom? Your brother? Your dog? Be aware of times when people seem stressed-out. If you notice your mom rushing around or acting stressed, pick an appropriate time to walk up and hug her. Adding an "I love you, Mom!" will really make her day.
Reach out and show some love to the people around you. Help improve their day by treating them with sincere love and affection. On this cool January day, cuddle up with a loved one, your pet, and a blanket. It's good for you and for them, and warms you both inside and out!


  1. I've been a hugger for years. Love it.

    Have a terrific day Colleen. Big HUG! :)


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