Saturday, January 3, 2009

As Winter Break Ends ...

Enjoy Family
I will find myself, going in rooms, doing last minute pickup...
Finish preparing my lessons for 3 days with 3rd graders Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Being weekend, we will probrably hear from the Grown Children, tho we have all been together quite a bit lately.
I am thankful My Wayne is feeling so much better. We celebrate our 9th anniversary on Wednesday.. My Mother celebrates her 79th birthday that day also.
SO ENJOY Your Saturday.
much love,


  1. First of all I'm glad Wayne is feeling much better. That is indeed very good news.

    Enjoy your weekend and your preparation to join the workforce this coming week.

    Big hug honey. :)

  2. I loved. loved. loved. your response to my education post!!! and btw....I knew what you meant ;)


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