Monday, December 29, 2008

Consumer Beware

People are regularly warned of the pitfalls of cashing random checks that land in the mailbox
Almost daily people are trying to find out whether the big check that arrived, out of the clear blue, is for real. Most recently from Brenda who says "I've received this winning final notification on a lottery along with a $4,980 check. Can you tell me if it's real."Here are the red flags that can tip you off a supposed winning lottery is likely a scam.If it claims to be run out of Canada or another foreign country. It is illegal for U.S. Citizens to enter or win a foreign lottery.
A letter may claim "we have made many unsuccessful attempts to contact you." But generally this is the first check or letter you've received.You may be instructed to wire money to pay for taxes. There's no way to trace a moneygram and taxes are taken out of lottery winnings, you don't have to pay up front. Once you cash a check you're vouching you know it's good and who it's from. If it turns out to be counterfeit you'll be on the hook for any money or overdraft charges resulting from it.
Also watch for spelling or grammatical errors in the letter which can indicate a hoax or scam. Always remember don't let greed or need get in the way of common sense.


  1. Excellent advice. I've won so many lotteries from other countries I lost count. To the shredder they go.

    Don't forget the mega rich that are trying to get money out of their countries that need our help. I get a lot of those in my spam folder.

    I hope Wayne is feeling better.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)


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