Saturday, December 6, 2008


My sweet friend Denise tagged me for this cute meme, thank you my friend.
8 TV Shows I enjoy:
1)Seventh Heaven, 2)Reva, 3)CSI,4) OU Football, 5)Texas A&M Football, 6)LSU Football, 7)House Hunters, 8)Without a trace.
8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1) My Wayne came home from the hospital. 2) I folded some clothes,3) I went to store for meds. 4) I made phone calls to let all know Wayne was home. 5) I fixed supper. 6) cleaned kitchen. 7) It was really cold. 8) It rained a little bit.
8 Favorite Places To Eat: 1) Home 2) Delta 3) Applebees 4) Taste of China 5) Mexican foods. 6)Sonic.7) Steak n Ale 8) Rib Crib.
8 Things I Am Looking Forward To: 1) My Wayne getting well. 2) The Economy improving 3) Good health of my Mother and Daddy and all my loved ones. 4) Peace . 5) Good times for all... . 6) Seeing My Loved Ones In Heaven. 7) People seeing true meaning of Christmas. 8) Love
8 Things On My Wish List: 1) Beany coming home, or her family and friends at least know something of her whereabouts. 2) World Peace 3) Improved Health for all. 4) Everyone finding the peace, joy and love they are searching for.. 5) The Economy To Improve For Everyone. 6) Everyone to find a Church Home and find peace. 7) Melissa's visit. 8) Continued Happiness With My Wayne
. Now, I tag the following 8 people:
1) Sandi 2) Melissa) 3) Danielle 4) Katt 5) Barbara 6) Jan 7) Amber 8)Sue


  1. Just dropping by to say Hi! I was reading up about your VA stuffs in your sidebar and that's exactly what I was hoping to do. Thanks for sharing that. I also see that you have the button for BPOTW. Small world! I just started submitting post there too :)

  2. hey Colleen, my widget is in my sidebar just below thee widget of people following my blog. I dunno how you missed it! :)


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