Friday, November 7, 2008


Kathleen (Beany)has provided much encouragement and inspiration to the entire blogging community. Please join all of us in prayer for her safe return home to the family that loves her.

Thursday, November 6, 2008
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Eleven days have gone by and still no sign of Kathy McBroom, who left for work one morning and never came home.
Anchorage police say the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are cause for concern.
It was two Mondays ago -- Oct. 27 -- that McBroom left for work -- at least that's where her family thought she was headed.
She was last seen in an area near McHugh Creek, south of Anchorage on the Seward Highway at about 8:30 a.m. when a trooper pulled her over for erratic driving after a driver reported seeing her hit a guard rail and swerve.
The trooper who stopped her spent about 20 minutes talking to McBroom, to make sure she wasn't driving under the influence.
Guy McBroom's last memory of his wife is her getting ready to go to work at the Army Corps of Engineers in finance. She made no mention of plans to drive along the Seward Highway.
"Things don't add up," Guy McBroom said. "Things don't add up because this isn't something that I think she would do."
McBroom's family found her truck parked at the end of a turn-out Friday with her wallet and cell phone inside. That was when state troopers realized that she had been stopped five days earlier.
"There was nothing that caught the attention of the trooper that would have made him think that she was endangered or in trouble otherwise," Sgt. Bryan Barlow said.
After McBroom complained of being sleepy, the trooper advised her to take a nap. It wasn't until the next day that her family reported her missing.
"My question is, did anybody see the vehicle sitting there all week?," detective Cynthia Bradley asked. "The vehicle was stopped by troopers on Monday, did the vehicle sit there all week until it was found by the family on Friday? Was it moved?"
Bradley says if it was moved then it could point to foul play, or perhaps something more innocent.
"Maybe she got out and tried to walk around. I'm afraid maybe she fell in, or something," Guy said. "She's held me up many times when I've been down, been my anchor, my strength."
The tides that day were very high, and impossible to survive.
Guy McBroom is hoping that there will be another search -- another aerial search that can focus more intensely on the water.
Last weekend the troopers had a helicopter in the air and the railroad did an extensive search along the tracks that follow the road.
There were also lots of volunteers, including from McBroom's church.
Kathy McBroom has battled with a bipolar condition in the past, but her friends and family don't think she took her own life. They said she was an extremely positive person.
Anchorage police would like to hear from you if you know anything that can help narrow the search. Call Bradley directly at 786-8817.
Contact Rhonda McBride at
PS. she did not like being called Kathy. see
I also sent an email to to Bradley of the police department. I fear she took offense to what I asked but I meant no harm.

I’m not sure what you mean by your question “does there not seem to be anything happening on this case?” Do you mean that the police are not doing anything? Because if that is what you are saying I can assure you the case is being worked. At this point it is the only case I have been working for the past few days. All of my other cases are on hold. There are not any clues which is making the case very hard to work.
I don’t believe foul play is involved. However, I do believe something life threatening may have happened. Not at anyone’s hand.
At this point it is really hard to say.

Det. Cynthia Bradley

From: Gough,Colleen C. [] Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 1:51 PMTo: Bradley, CynthiaSubject:

My name is Colleen Gough, from Tulsa, Ok.

I am a blogging friend of Kathleen Mcbroom..... does there not seem to be anything happening on this case? Any Clues..... and reasons?

Did she just leave or do you think foul play is involved...... We are all worried sick....

Thank you for your time.

Colleen Gough


  1. keeping my fingers crossed at my thoughts positive!!

  2. Hi Colleen...

    We'll say a prayer for Kathleen and her safe return.

    Since this is a prayer request, simply post a comment on the Come to Jesus and Pray post, do not use Mr. Linky.


  3. She is in my prayers. I hope she is found safe. Have a great day honey. :)

  4. Kathleen always left such uplifting comments both on my blog and on my Cre8Buzz account. I hope that she is safe and that wherever she is there is someone there to provide her the encouragement and inspiration that she has always provided all of us.

  5. Hello from Eric, also known as "Speedcat"

    I too have been praying for Beany's safe return. She is an inspiration to me and so many others.

  6. I love Beany and miss her a lot. I'll definitely take the candle...

  7. Wow, those are such odd circumstances. I do pray that she is found safe and reunited to her loved ones quickly!

    This shows how good the blogosphere can be. It unites people all over the world who wouldn't normally know about each other...

  8. Kathleen is my cousin and I talked to her mother (my aunt) and she told me about this. I feel terrible about it and I hope and pray for her safe return.


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