Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"To be poor means that something is lacking from our life. Often we want to correct what is lacking. The Bible focuses primarily on two kinds of poverty--people who are in need of basic necessities (like food and clothing) and people who are in need of God (for they lack the Holy Spirit's presence in their life). We are called---commanded---to help both of these kinds of people as much as we possibly can. "

My feelings are that all this begins right here at home. Poverty can be living right next door to you and you may not know it. I am hearing where Children are going to school hungry. The only place they eat is at school. The schools are starting to make up bags of groceries for them to take home on the weekends. Some children come to school and are actually Homeless.... they and their parents live from place to place. It is a sad situation.

Remember to give to the food banks right here in our own country. Make donations to organizations that help here at home. Check on the elderly.

2 Corinthians 8:9 You know how full of love and kindness our Lord Jesus Christ was. Though He was very rich, yet for your sakes He became very poor, so that by His poverty He could make you rich. Christ emptied himself of heaven's riches to come to earth as a baby. He chose to live simply and not in great wealth or prestige. He died a criminals death so that we might inhert the vast riches of eternal life.

What we have done for ourselves dies with us. What we have done for others lasts forever. Harvey Mackay

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  1. This is a very good post!

    I see you are following my blog!!

    I enjoy meeting and making new friends! Blogging is so much fun! I spend way to much time on the computer!! Blessings, Grams

  2. We live in a small mountain county - only 8,000 in the whole county. In our weekly paper that came out today, it said that our local food pantry provided for nearly 1,000 people in September. Yes, it's extremely important that we take care of the poor among us and then reach out to the world.

    Today is World Hunger Day (16th). Tonight millions of people around the world (including here at home) will go to bed hungry yet again.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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