Tuesday, October 21, 2008


WELL WELL.... got the office somewhat organized. The monthy Neighborhood Association meeting is behind me. No Class to teach today, so Today I am doing......... NOTHING.......(yea right!!)
Tomorrow is back to 9-10th graders for some Math, Thursday, followup appointment on my Hubby's eye surgery. and Friday.... 7th grade Science!!!!!!
Yesterdays 4th graders were actually delightful. I figured after a 5 day Fall Break, that it would be WILD.... but everyone was calm, helpful and very nice. I actually was disappointed that the teacher only needed me for half day. There were two REALLY SHARP children in the class and they did keep me on my toes with some questions they came out with. It was very refreshing.
At one point they had 20 minutes of computer lab, I sat and watched, I felt left out that I could not go to my Blog. Sigh.... Substitutes are not allowed on the computers. Even a seasoned sub as I am.....
Have a great day all. God Bless


  1. Glad you got it all done. You did have a full day yesterday. Enjoy your day off. Big hug. :)


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