Friday, July 4, 2008

Bad Review

Sometimes, as a writer, I will just sit and write about something I feel strongly about. My thoughts and how I feel from the inside.

Most things I have written I have tossed in the trash can after a few days but as I have reached the Senior Citizen years of my life, someone close to me told me to save them. Then not to long ago, I got brave enough to put them in blogs that I have.
I have even posted on some writers sites and got some reviews back from fellow writers. To be honest, they have been very nice reviews and have lifted my spirits and made me want to write more. (Though I find my time reading so much of other writings and enjoying so very much)
Today on one of my pieces, today is the first day of the rest of your life, I got my bad review..."grammatically poor lecture". I said Thank you and smiled.
I started to delete this writing BUT I stopped and told myself, that would be a wrong thing to do. I enjoy writing what I feel. Some pieces will be checked over by me to be sure things are grammatically okay.... but some will be a Flash that I write and put on my blog.
I hope people coming to visit will keep coming back and will understand. I DO WANT COMMENTS. (and I do appreciate the one I got) It helps me out on other pieces. I NEED ALL THE HELP I can get!!!!! I do wish I could write like some of the other bloggers, I enjoy reading. In one blog I read, a very wise lady got a message across to me; I WILL NOT RUN... After all today is the First day of the rest of my life. I smile.

July 2008

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